The breadth of services at EncoGroup is a key strength that has positioned us to exceed the expectations of our clients.
We offer a range of complementary services that embrace mechanical, electrical and structural engineering project financing and management services, construction, manufacturing, maintenance, procurement, training and information technology.
Our expertise spans a broad range of endeavors, ensuring a comprehensive use of resources to every project.
Our teams have distinct areas of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of local markets, challenges and resources.



Improving our clients’ operational performance and tailoring smart solutions to their needs is our core competence. Our approach is to develop long-standing relationships with our customers through teamwork from project conception through delivery and maintenance. We are committed to keeping clients updated with ongoing communication to guarantee a service that focuses on quality, safety and reliability.


An essential component in the success of acquiring a project is the ability to estimate costs with careful consideration of current market conditions. Our estimation department, together with the procurement and engineering departments, can accurately estimate costs and identify cost-effective and efficient project plans.


EncoGroup has a strong manufacturing network that specializes in large-scale fabrication of steel, tanks, pressure vessels, and specialized equipment.

Our Fabrication Facilities in association with high end workshops in the Far East, Middle East and Europe, combined with the experience we have developed and shared, place us in a unique position to manufacture and deliver more than 45,000 tons of steel per year.


We believe our success stems from the fundamental corporate value of quality.

With a strong commitment to continuous improvement, we challenge ourselves to perform to the highest industry standards, ensure compliance and provide our clients with the best solutions without any compromise to the standards of quality and services that we are set to deliver.


At EncoGroup, safety takes precedence over everything else. We provide a safe working environment for our employees, clients and subcontractors and invest significantly in safety training. We are dedicated to continuously improving our work practices to pledge the safety and health of our people, communities and the environment for generations to come.