Tecnoseal Industry can offer a complete service from corrosion-related consultancy, customer assistance, site survey and engineering to supply, installation and maintenance of cathodic protection and anticorrosion systems in many different industrial fields including Refining, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power generation, Fertilizers and many others.


Tecnoseal staff is composed by highly skilled professionals with over 30 years of personal experience in the fields of corrosion engineering and cathodic protection, united by the same passion for their work.




Tecnoseal Industry can support its Clients with a wide range of services including:

  • Consultancy on corrosion-related issues
  • Design and engineering of Cathodic Protection systems and other technologies
  • Issue of complete technical dossiers, documentation, drawings
  • On-site surveys, measurement campaigns
  • Assistance during installation, commissioning and startup
  • Customization of products and solutions
  • Design and supply of Remote Monitoring systems
  • Design and supply of fuels and chemicals Leak Detection systems
  • Design and supply of Heat Tracing systems


Range of products
  • Turnkey solutions for Impressed Current (ICCP) and Sacrificial Anodes (SACP) Cathodic Protection systems, as well as leak detection and heat tracing
  • Complete range of Transformers/Rectifiers, air-cooled, oil-cooled and explosion-proof construction, output from 5A DC to more than 500A DC, manual and automatic regulation
  • Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Titanium and High Silicon Cast Iron (HSCI) anodes, customized as per Client requirements
  • Customized junction boxes and test posts
  • Largest range of sacrificial anodes in the world, with almost 2000 anodes in standard production. Custom-made anodes according project requirements
  • Wide range of accessories and materials for Cathodic Protection systems
Quality Certified Products and Solutions

Confirming the care and the dedication to its Customers, Tecnoseal Industry S.r.l. operates a quality system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

European REACH Regulations

All our aluminum and magnesium anodes display the CADMIUM FREE logo to remark the absence of cadmium, recognized as toxic pollutant and banned from various nations.