Problems are opportunities. As manufacturers, Cougartron saw a problem in the industry. Welds on stainless steel were difficult to clean. Cleaning took too long. Harmful chemicals put welders and the environment at risk. Cougartron knew there had to be a better way to clean welds. So, Cougartron set out to find it.

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The result is Cougartron’s line of weld cleaning machines and related products. Welders around the world now have a safe option for cleaning stainless steel welds and even aluminum welds. It doesn’t matter whether the weld is a TIG or MIG. Cougartron delivers. Cougartron continues to deliver each day. Cougartron’s research and development team searches for better technology to make weld cleaning faster, safer and economical. Cougartron backs its machines with one of the best warranties in the industry; and should there be an issue, Cougartron resolves it quickly and efficiently by providing prompt service. The days of harmful, slow and costly weld cleaning is over. Cougartron is here and making the difference you want.

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